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Studio Recording

At Our Studio

Our recording studio is equipped and ready to produce your album, demo, voice over, or any other project you have. We use high quality digital and analogue equipment providing a clean and straight forward recording environment. Recording, editing, mixing, producing, session work, and mastering is all done here at our recording studio. We have a large network of musicians that can be hired to play on your next project.

Recording: $50.00 per hour

(Gear rental fees may apply.)

(Free set up times for sessions over 6 hours.)

Session Work: $75.00 per hour

Includes: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Bass, Drums, Hand Percussion, Midi Production, and Orchestrations.

(Other instruments are hired independantly. Prices will vary.)

​Editing: $50.00 per hour

Mixing: $50.00 per hour (Flat rates available.)

Mastering: Starting at $40.00 per song


Live Recording 

At Your Show

We bring the necessary gear to your show and record each channel using high quality gear. The recordings are then taken back to the studio and mixed. The max number of channels for live recording is 32.

Tracking: Call for a flat rate estimate.

Mixing: $50.00 per hour (Flat rates available.)

Mastering: $40.00 per song

Travel Fee: $50.00 (Applies to shows over 1 hour away.)

Mobile Recording

At Your Home

We come to you and set up our gear for the tracking process. After this is done we take the recordings back to our studio for editing and mixing.

​Tracking: $50.00 per hour

Mixing: $50.00 per hour (Flat rates available.)

Mastering: $40.00 per song

Set-Up Fee: Price is based on equipment needed.

Travel Fee: $50 (Applies to sessions over 1 hour away.)

4 Song Demo
6 Song Demo
Demo Packages

"...Andrew is very professional as well as approachable; he made my first studio experience a great one..."

Julie Schmidt

"...Working at SerrStudio was incredible. Andrew provided the guidance we needed to produce our debut album..."

Chris Michaels

"...Andrew is one of the most talented producer/engineer/musician that I have ever heard. He took ownership in our record, which far exceeded my expectations..."

Will Kilduff

"...Working with Andrew at SerrStudio has been the most productive and fun experience of my musical career. The music we created was exactly what was in my head..."

Ethan London

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